SaM_Post Settings

Please read carefully before you start posting

Please include your name into the Post-TITLE. This will help us find and identify your blog entries during presentation.(e.g. SaM_post settings, SaM_excursion etc.)

Image sizes for blog entries are restricted to a maximum size of 1024px x 768px (at 72 dpi) this should give us a good resolution for beamer-presentations while keeping the storage volume and loading times considerably low.

Keep your posts compact. Do not post entries that contain more than 12 images. If you need to provide more information create a new post entry and add numbers to its respective title, so that they can be identified easily.

Don't change the initial blog's layout e.g. the font, the font size etc.

When importing images choose the following settings: Image size: small Choose Layout: left Images

Other than your personal sketches, renderings, plans etc. and texts by authors other than you have to be assigned a copyright. That is, you must place the authors/photographers name and the link to the site you got this information from under the respective text/image.